Goblins are a common enemy in Adventureland. They come in many variants. Goblins are, for the most part, taken down with a single swipe of the sword.

Goblin Types Edit

Standard Goblins Edit

Standard Goblins are your everyday normal goblins. They are taken down quite easily, and appear in Forests, Grasslands, and other basic grass-based biomes.

Cactus Goblins Edit

Cactus Goblins are found in the Deserts of Adventureland. They are made of Cactus, and will ambush you when you walk near them. They highly resemble a cactus, with their tall head and bendy arms, but you can make out a face if you're in front of one. If they have weapons, they are primitive weapons.

Fire Goblins Edit

Fire Goblins are found in volcanic areas and below ground. They are made of fire, so a blade will go through them. You can kill them using water, or something else that makes flames die. They can not hold weapons, since they are an embodiment of burning matter. They desire heat and wood, for these are what keep them alive, but they can live with just one of them. Possibly the most dangerous goblin type in Adventureland.

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