Mushrooms are a very important aspect of Adventureland. There are 50 standard types. These types can be combined with other types to make a near-endless supply of mushroom type possibilities. Any mushroom type can be combined with both a big mushroom and a small mushroom to reverse the elemental power of that mushroom. For example, an acid-proof mushroom combined with a big mushroom and a small mushroom makes an acid mushroom. If you eat a certain mushroom type often enough, its effects will become everlasting.

Standard 50 Mushroom Types

These are the standard 50 mushroom types that are most commonly found in the world.

1- Acid-proof: Has a bitter taste to it. It is colored white. It is completely acid-proof and makes anyone who eats it immune to acid for a while. Becomes an Acid Mushroom when reversed.

2- Resistance: Tastes very refreshing. It is colored purple. It makes anyone who eats it immune to poison for a while. Becomes a Poisonous Mushroom when reversed.

3- Poisonous: Kills anything that eats it unless said thing has eaten a Resistance mushroom. Becomes a Resistance Mushroom when reversed.

4- Hallucination: Tastes very sweet. It gives anyone who eats it hallucinations for a while. Becomes a Clarity Mushroom when reversed.

5- Explosion: Tastes horrible. Explodes when exposed to high pressure. It can be used to create rocket launchers. Becomes an Implosion Mushroom when reversed.

6- Fire: Tastes like ash (don't eat it). It burns for 24 hours with no source of fuel but will burn for far longer if fed with a constant supply of burnable material or ash. It must be grown in a smoky, ash-filled environment. Becomes a Water Mushroom when reversed.

7- Water: Tastes like water (obviously). It can be used as a portable source of water. It must be handled with care since the only thing separating the water inside from the outside world is a flimsy, gelatinous outer skin. Becomes a Fire Mushroom when reversed.

8- Air: Tastes like nothing, although it's easier to inhale the mushroom instead of eating it. Will quickly disintegrate if not kept in the right conditions. There isn't much use for an air mushroom. Air mushroom forests aren't that common either. Becomes a Rock Mushroom when reversed.

9- Rock: Tastes like stone. It can be used as a source of stone but the internal mushroom stuff has to be removed before the stone can be used in any sort of practical way. It must be grown in either gravel or very stony dirt. Becomes an Air Mushroom when reversed.

10- Soil: Tastes like dirt. It can be used to grow mushrooms. Becomes a Plant Mushroom when reversed.

11- Plant: Tastes like lettuce. It is very healthy if prepared correctly. It is one of the few mushrooms that will photosynthesize so they are relatively easy to grow. Just provide sunlight and of course water, and you'll have yourself a nice head of lettuce- I mean, a nice mushroom. Becomes a Soil Mushroom when reversed.

12- Wood: Tastes like wood. It is made of a material similar to thatch. It can be used as a stable building material but is prone to fire damage. Becomes a Clay Mushroom when reversed.

Special Reverse Mushroom Types

These mushroom types are the reversed versions of the standard 50 types. These are made by combining any mushroom type with a big mushroom and a small mushroom. They will be listed in the same order as they are listed in the standard 50 lists.

1- Acid- Has an acid-proof casing and an inside that is filled to the brim with acid when it is cut through/opened.

2- Poisonous: Listed as 3 in the standard 50 lists.

3- Resistance: Listed as 2 in the standard 50 list

4- Clarity: Clears your mind, can also get rid of insanity

5- Implosion: This is similar to a miniature vacuum chamber. Sucks nearby matter into it when exposed to high pressure. The sucked up items will be excreted in the right structure, however, this only applies to items bigger than the mushroom itself. Anything else must be acquired by reversing the mushroom and then exploding it, but there's no guaranteeing the items in question will come out the same as they went in. Mushroom trauma is a real and serious epidemic, but you can make a stand. Donate today.

6- Water: Listed as 7 in the standard 50 list

7- Fire: Listed as 6 in the standard 50 list

8- Rock: Listed as 9 in the standard 50 list

9- Air: Listed as 8 in the standard 50 list

10- Plant: Listed as 11 in the standard 50 list

11- Soil: Listed as 10 in the standard 50 list

Special Combination Mushroom Types

Special Combination Mushroom Types are made by squishing multiple types of mushrooms together. There is a near-infinite amount of combination types, so do not expect them to all be here.

Tornado- Combination of Explosion and Air. It creates a whirling tornado when exposed to high pressure.

Firebomb- Combination of Acid and Explosion. Creates a fiery explosion where the Explosion lights the Acid on fire to create a huge inferno

Mushrooms In The World

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