Welcome! If you haven't heard of Adventureland before, this is the place to be! This page will give you a quick tutorial, and for more information, there are other pages for that.

Tutorial (for narrators) Edit

As a narrator, it is your job to create interesting quests for your players to take on. To begin your amazing story as a narrator, first, you must create a home planet for your adventurers. They will start at a Spawn Tree, which will be 100% unbreakable. This tree will preferably be in a forest, but you could also put it in a plains, a desert, a mountain, a cave, on a floating island, or anywhere else think of! They will always start with 1 Axe and 1 Bow, which will be granted to them by the Spawn Tree. From there you can set them out onto their adventure into the wilderness and intergalactic space, of Adventureland!

Tutorial (for players) Edit

The world you are first put into is procedurally generated, but some things will always apply. For example, you will always spawn next to what we will refer to as the Spawn Tree. You will be able to acquire 1 Axe and 1 Bow from the tree (See Tools). From there, cut down any nearby trees (the spawn tree is invincible). Once you have a good collection of basic resources, consider building some sort of base. At which point you can start to explore the world around you, and learn the basic terrain of the world. There is an infinite amount of things to do. Anything you can think of, you can find, make, or reenact.

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