In Adventureland, spirits are ethereal beings with power over certain elements.

The Six Gods of Adventureland Edit

There are six gods in Adventureland. They each resemble one element of the world. Fire, Water, Plant, Air, Rock, and Plasma. Plasma is the King of the gods. Each god has their own personality that resembles their element. The gods do not take sacrifices from people. They have enough to be comfortable without you donating food.

Fire God Edit

The Fire God is the god of fire. The Fire God is not very forgiving. If you anger him, he will not forgive you until you die once or twice. He can create pillars of fire when he thinks you should die at his hands.

Water God Edit

The Water God is the god of water. He likes math and order. He has full dominance over the oceans and all other bodies of water. He can drown you in rain when he wants to kill you.

Plant God Edit

The Plant God is the god of flora and fauna. She is basically Mother Nature. She will forgive you easily when you try and fix what you have done. For example, if you accidentally destroy a forest, but then replant it, you will be forgiven. If you somehow REALLY anger her, she will strangle you with vines that erupt beneath you.

Air God Edit

The Air God is the god of the air.

Rock God Edit

The Rock God is the god of rock and gems.

Plasma God Edit

The Plasma God is the god of plasma, and king of the gods.

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